H-42 Clean Clippers; Virucidal and Anti-Bacertiall

H-42 kills HIV-1, Staphylococcus Aurbus, Pseudomonas Abruginosa and Salmonella Chloreraesuis. By using this product on your tools between clients you are preventing the spread of bacteria and skin conditions from one client to another, Human or Canine alike.

Where to get H-42

Simply Sharp is the only  distributor of  H-42 products in East of Manitoba!

You can visit the salon or order from our store. Free delivery may be available in the Kingston area on large orders.

It's another Family Affair

Hampton Manufacturing is a family founded and run business as are all of the businesses that I have chosen to work with. In 2017, Mr. Hampton was inducted into the National Museum of Barbering and Hall of Fame for his Product, H-42 Clean Clippers!

Why H-42


H-42 Products

We carry a wide variety of H-42 Products including 16oz Spray, horse hair brushes, 16oz and 8oz jars, 30ml oil,  15ml oil,  8oz of Curling iron cleaner.

Barbering and Hairdressing

H-42 Clean Clippers is a Virucidal and an Anti-bacterial.

It was specifically designed to kill HIV-1 (aids), Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enteric and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

These properties prevent cross contamination between clients.

H-42 is an oil based product. It will not rust your blades or shears and will extend the life of your equipment when used properly.

H-42 was originally  developed for the barbering and hairdressing industries in order  to prevent the transmission of bacteria, infection and virus from one client to another. 



H-42 has crossed over from barbering and hairstyling into the grooming world.

This product prevents the transmission of skin problems and bacteria and infection from one dog to another. After you've used your clippers for a sanitary area or on a dog with yeast infections or gooey eyes, Spray your clipper with H-42 Clean Clippers to kill all of the "nasties" before you move onto another dog with the same blade. H-42 is an oil based product and WILL NOT rust your blades or shears. 



  1. What is H-42 Clean Clippers®?

Virucidal Anti-Bacterial H-42 Clean Clippers® is a *Virucidal and Anti-Bacterial cleaning solution. When used as directed, H-42 Clean Clippers is efficacious against Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enteric, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

*Virucidal activity kills HIV-1 (Aids Virus) on pre-cleaned environmental surfaces/objects previously soiled with blood/bodily fluid in health care settings or other settings.

  • What is Virucidal Anti-bacterial H-42 Clean Clippers® used for?

Virucidal Anti-Bacterial Clean Clippers® was created to prevent cross contamination between clients.

  • What is Virucidal?

A virucidal is an agent (physical or chemical) that deactivates or destroys viruses. This differs from an antiviral drug which inhibits the development of the virus. Virucidal: capable of neutralizing or destroying a virus.

  • Will H-42 rust metal parts?

Virucidal Anti-Bacterial H-42 Clean Clippers® is water free, and will not rust expensive clipper blades, or other cutting tools.

Retailing opportunities available

H-42 is looking for retailers across Canada!  H-42 was developed originally for use in Barbering and Hair styling salons and has now crossed over into the pet grooming world.  Approved by Health Canada for use in governmental facilities as an agent against spreading disease.