Waiting on the order!

My first Geib order should be in By June 12th.  Stay tuned, good things to come!

Welcome Aboard Geib!

As with My own businesses, H-42 and Bonika Shears, Geib/Buttercut also is a Family founded and run business! I am so happy to be able to offer these high quality blades and grooming Shears to my clients! 

I will be carrying various levels of shear from entry level to professional. Buttercut Blades are also available. Browse the store to see what is there and if you would like something in particular, please reach out and I will order for you.

Geib / Buttercut

Geib Shears


From the beginner to the competitor, Geib shears have the tools to get the job done and done right! Want a specific Shear? Reach out and we'll order it for you! 

Thinners and Chunkers


Finish the job right with our selection of thinning shears and texturizers! 

We've got The Wave Curved thinner !(shown)

Buttercut Blades


Buttercut high quality clipper blades from surgical blade #50 right on through to 1".  5/8" Toe blades too!

Please note

Geib shears come with a lifetime warranty. In order not to nullify that warranty, your Geib shears must be sent to the factory for sharpening. I will be sending shears to Geib on a monthly basis or when needed.