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Bonika Shears was begun by Bonnie Megowan, a former school teacher. Bonnie used her background in science and experience in the knife industry to begin a business sharpening and repairing quality stylists shears in the Atlanta area in 1988. Later, her experience as the sharpener in the 1996 Olympic Village hair salon became the catalyst in the creation of the Bonika Shears line of scissors. Bonnie researched the strengths and weaknesses of various types of shears in the intense crucible of the Olympics. Over 7000 athletes received haircuts in the fast paced Olympic Village hair salon by only a handful of stylists. Gene Megowan, the marketing manager for Scissor Mechanic, conducted extensive market research. Together, they created the exclusive Bonika International shears. The Bonika International Shears were designed as the first truly multicultural shears. Since then the more than 6 dozen models have been added to the line. They now have local distributors in nearly 2 dozen countries and 49 states

Sandra Rose joined the Bonika Family in 2018. Sandras'  25 years as a  Dog Stylist, has led her into this wonderful world of helping others achieve their goals as groomers by maintaining their Sharp! 

Sandra is Certified by th ISSA.